Learning to Scuba Dive

The staring level for BSAC instruction is Ocean Diver. You will learn the basics of open water diving, how to use the equipment and how to safely dive with a buddy. It has a combination of theory lessons, pool training sessions and open water dives to confirm your skills. This is done at your pace, no set time scale but can be completed within 2 months. the course does include basic use of enriched air and dry suit if required (extra hire cost). Most kit up to to the open water stage can be loaned from the club.

Guide price for the Ocean Diver qualification is £275 including 12 months membership, training pack and additional pool sessions.

The initial membership is for 12 months and includes post qualification training,monthly pool sessions, further qualifications if you want to progress your knowledge and experience at minimal costs.

Additional costs other than club membership and learning materials above  include entrance to dive sites, open water kit hire if required, i.e. dry suit and cylinder fills.

Age limits is 10 yrears with open water limits+ and completion of medical fitness declaration .