Dive Trips

Trip Booking Conditions

Scubadiving-Indepth (SID) Members

Membership must be upto date at time of booking and trip.

All deposits and balances must be paid by due dates.

Members will get first option on all places.

Once confirmed the members is responsible for all payments or suitable replacement.

All diving MUST be within divers qualification and experience.

Other BSAC Club members

Next in the pecking order, same conditions apply as for SID members.

Non members and unaffiliated divers

To take up spare places after an agreed date.

Deposits to be 50% more than members

Daily levy to be applied , suggest £5 per day boat place and £5 per night accommodation, maximum £50 per week.

Medical fitness forms must be supplied prior to trip, no form no diving.

Third party insurance to be submitted at time of booking and in force for trip. No insurance, no boarding boat.

No more than Buddy pair to take places at a time.

Once confirmed the diver is responsible for all payments or suitable replacement.

Buddy pair bookings to be treated as one booking and responsible for full amount if one drops out.

All diving MUST be within divers qualification and experience.

Will not be allowed to use SID equipment without prior arrangement.

All bookings are binding and balances due by published date.

Failure to complete payment by due date will forfeit all payments made.


Diving trip to the Farnes  August 2019

Wrecks and Seals,12th and 13th August 2019 for diving and11th and 12th for accommodation 2 days diving and 2 nights in some of the best diving accommodation in the UK. Max depth about 30 meters most less than that.
 Members  Cost is £165 for boat place and B&B in en-suite rooms.





Hard Hat and Deco Chamber

A day at The Diver Training College, you can experience the diving equipment worn before scuba became the norm, brass helmet and lead boots followed by a dry decompression dive in the deco chamber, an experience not to be missed,

Cost £50 including lunch

Had a great time, 11 divers got the giggles in the deco chamber.

Weymouth Wreck and Scenic. June 4th and 5th 2017

A 2 day diving trip to Weymouth. Diving Monday and Tuesday, Bunkhouse accommodation with breakfast Sunday and Monday Nights. 2 dives per day, Monday and Tuesdayhoping to do the M2, follow Link www.divernet.com/wreck-tours/p301708-wreck-tour:-5the-m2.html on the Monday, tides ok but weather permitting, Tuesday another wreck dive. Both days 2nd dive shallow wreck or drift. Cost for boat and Acc. £165, deposit £75. Will need 2 cylinders as staying out between dives.

Cancelled due to bad weather

Malta July 13th 7 days B&B including flights £420

A trip to Malta to dive some of the best wrecks in the med. Malta is an island with a lot of history and apart from the diving is a great place to explore.

Hoping to do 10 dives around Malta and Gozo, cost approx. £25 per dive including weights and cylinder.

13 on trip.

Latest price is about £580.

Great trip to Malta, % days diving in warm water, good vizability, lovely food, decent ale and a comfy bed, what more do divers want